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Phyloseminar with Brian O’Meara at UTK

This Fall 2015 I have the opportunity to teach with Dr. Brian O’Meara a diversification seminar as part of his Phyloseminar series. It is a mix of articles and R tutorials about use of models and statistical tools to estimate speciation and extinction rates in a phylogenetic context.


  1. Birth-Death Stochastic Process. Estimation of speciation and extinction. 



Statistical Ecology in R. Thailand workshop

Thailand was wonderful and we had a great time teaching basic concepts iP1040515n statistical Inference. The class material can be found here:
workshop website

This workshop was organized thanks to funding from QSE3 IGERT at University of Florida and

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Bangkhuntien support. This workshop was jointly taught with

Mollie Brooks

Trevor Caughlin.  Postdoc at University of Florida 

Jake Ferguson. Postdoc at NIMBios