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Vertebrate blood cell volume

In collaboration with Dr. Jamie Gilloly.

We have analyzed  the functional relationship between red blood cells and body temperature across vertebrates, and found some interesting positive correlation.
Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.46.07 PM

The publication link here

Gillooly, James F., and Rosana Zenil-Ferguson. “Vertebrate blood cell volume increases with temperature: implications for aerobic activity.” PeerJ 2 (2014): e346.


Green Turtles and Their Lost Years

Collaboration with Melania Lopez Castro
PostDoc at Texas A&M

Melania sampled green turtles from many different beaches along the Atlantic ocean and performed a trace element experiment. The goal was to detect a possible location for the young green turtles  in the ocean during their lost years. We wanted to know which trace elements were relevant for distinguishing groups of turtles, but also how many clusters those important trace elements were determining. We used Bayesian Model clusters and calculated their BIC to choose the best trace elements and clusters using the  High  Performance Cluster at UF.

Publication can be found heremelaniacluster

López-Castro, Melania C., Karen A. Bjorndal, George D. Kamenov, Rosana Zenil-Ferguson, and Alan B. Bolten. “Sea turtle population structure and connections between oceanic and neritic foraging areas in the Atlantic revealed through trace elements.” Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser 490 (2013): 233-246.

Birds in Amazonia. Alarm Responses

Collaboration with Ari Martinez
PostDoc at San Francisco State University

Profile Likelihood Responses for foragersAri was interested in how different foraging patterns affect the length of latency responses in birds. He perform a very detailed field work in Peru, with different species of birds belonging to three main foraging groups.  We analyzed his data using likelihood functions and we obtained relevant differences in alarm responses that depend on foraging behavior.

You can find the publication here

Martínez, Ari E., and Rosana T. Zenil. “Foraging guild influences dependence on heterospecific alarm calls in Amazonian bird flocks.” Behavioral Ecology 23.3 (2012): 544-550.